Matt Terry

Matt Terry joined us on Total Access and HE TOOK OVER!

We gave Matt full access to our Twitter account so he could answer your questions... and it broke Twitter!

The reigning X Factor champion has had quite the year after winning the show in December, he's released a Christmas single, a collaboration with Enrique Iglesias and now he's about to release his debut album 'Trouble'!

He dropped by to talk about his new album and answered some of his fans questions!

We've picked a few out... check them out below!


Total Access@TotalAccessShow

👋 Hi Matt! @MattTerry93 has joined us and he’s TAKING OVER! 

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Replying to @TotalAccessShow @MattTerry93

How excited are you about ur album??? 

Total Access@TotalAccessShow

so excited! can't wait for you to hear it chlo !!

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glenda edgar@glendaedgar

@MattTerry93 @TotalAccessShow what do you like to do when you have some me time 

Total Access@TotalAccessShow

Watch netflix in my pants

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Replying to @TotalAccessShow

What’s your favourite song on the album?  💛

Total Access@TotalAccessShow

I can't choose between with 13 children ...

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Replying to @MattTerry93 @TotalAccessShow

Who would you like to collab with? Xx 

Total Access@TotalAccessShow


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