Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is the most cheerful women in music... and she's back with a brand new single.

Meghan released 'No Excuses' last month which is the first tune to come from her upcoming third studio album, now they say that albums get more difficult to make the longer you are in the industry... however, she told Total Access' Elliot Holman that she found this one a lot easier! 

Elliot travelled to London to catch up with Meghan who told him about new music and finding love with her actor fiancé Darryl Sabara, who she opens up about saying she's 'peaked' with happiness.


Here's three things we learnt about Meghan Trainor on Total Access.

1, Meghan may be cheerful... but she doesn't drink caffeine at all!

2, During her time away from music, all Meghan did was go the gym and relax on the couch with her fiancé.

3, She hopes that her new single can inspire the movements happening in America, she also wants her little cousins to sing it loud and proud!


You can hear Elliot's chat with Meghan Trainor below and see the music video for her new single 'No Excuses'.




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