Teacher Gift Ideas

With schools breaking up for summer, parents will be on the lookout for teachers’ gifts.

A poll by website Mumsnet found one in ten mums and dads spends £25 or more on end-of-year gifts.

Here are some ideas for great thank yous costing less than a tenner.


Julia Harris: “As a teacher, I really appreciate the thank yous at the end of term, but don’t expect them.
“The children will know what their teacher likes and have great ideas for gifts.

“I love shoes, so one year my class got me loads of shoe-related gifts.”

Marianne Duggan: “I make a pamper pack, usually in a decorated brown lunch bag.

“There are treats such as a face mask, scrunchie, foot-moisturising socks, chocolates and a mini bottle of wine.

“You can do this for under a fiver. I also swerve the card and encourage my child to write a note instead — it’s more personal, and free.”

Tina Watts: “I have a charity shop nearby and find new or nearly new gifts in there.

“For 50p each I’ve found a key ring, bookmark and a little frame with a greeting on. I helped a charity and it didn’t break the bank.”

Pamela Cooper: “How about a small potted plant? An African violet is around £3.95 in places such as Homebase, and even orchids can be bought for £5 at supermarkets.”

Tim French: “As a teacher, one of the best presents I received was an airtight glass jar (you can pick them up for a quid at Poundland), packed with biscuits.

“The biscuits lasted for ages and I was left with a useful storage jar.”

Tracy Hindson: “Get baking, and the kids can help. You’ll be amazed at how much cake you can make for £5. There are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest.”

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