Favourites of the week

Favourites Of The Week

Every week, the Total Access team will be filling you in with our favourite songs! These songs are personal faves, songs you may not even hear on Total Access but we want to share with you! It could be anything from a mushy love song, a dance in the car song or one for belting out when nobody is around...

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'Football is back. And so is Sky Sports brilliant soundtrack from Tom Grennan. Following the release of his album “Lighting Matches” which I cant stop listening to, Tom has re-released this track to coincide with the return of the greatest sport on earth!'

Found What I've Been Looking For

Tom Grennan


Show Producer

'With the sun now disappearing back behind the clouds, I've needed something to give me those summer vibes again. Max George 'Barcelona' is the perfect soundtrack if you're heading on holiday in the next few weeks... or if you're trying to re-live those summer weeks we've had over the last few months.'


Max George


Radio Producer

'I've got a thing at the moment with listening to music that's just come out on repeat until I no longer like it... I have been listening to this song on repeat but am yet to hate it! It's one of those songs that sound better when listened to loudly, especially during this hot weather we are having lately!'


Loud Luxury

We have literally covered all grounds this week with our favourites!

You will be able to hear Henry and Lottie's chosen tracks every night from 7 as part of our Fresh New Music songs!