Favourites of the week

Favourites Of The Week

Every week, the Total Access team will be filling you in with our favourite songs! These songs are personal faves, songs you may not even hear on Total Access but we want to share with you! It could be anything from a mushy love song, a dance in the car song or one for belting out when nobody is around...

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'The 2nd time in two weeks I've chosen a Craig david feature... But that's because he makes anything sound good. Banger.'

No Drama

James Hype Feat. Craig David


Show Producer

'This is so catchy and the perfect anthem for anyone dealing with... Erm, someone who isn't being very nice.'

Loyal To Me

Nina Nesbitt


Radio Producer

'Mabel is definitely up there as a fave female vocallist of mine! This song is beyond good, love it.'

One Shot


Tune after tune after tune. Nina Nesbitt featured as part of our Fresh New Music tracks last week and it is still a fave!

Keep your eyes peeled for James Hype and Craig David as they are going to make their way up the charts along with the new one from Mabel!

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