Get the Shorts Out

A 'French frazzle heatwave' is set to give Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a royal roasting on their big day.

Temperatures in England will reach a sweltering 24C tomorrow before settling down to around 20C on Saturday as the heat blows in from France.

Forecasters said the “weather gods are smiling” on the couple and 100,000 well-wishers due in Windsor, with the Met Office telling The Sun Online that temperatures will be unseasonably hot in the south of England this Saturday.

American Meghan will be relieved after her reported worries about Britain’s weather disrupting her wedding.

The couple will travel in an open-topped carriage if dry, but a covered carriage if wet.

The Met Office said that Tuesday will see highs of 24C in London before a "cold front moves in" dropping temperatures to around 16C on Wednesday.

However, as heat moves up again from southern Europe, Brits in London and the south of England will enjoy temperatures of 19C on Friday before basking in 20C sunshine on Saturday.

Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill said: “It looks like turning warmer from the weekend of the royal wedding onwards.

“Warm air is expected to come up from the near continent, with warmer-than-average conditions likely for the UK as a whole.

“Scotland has a greater chance of seeing warmth as we move later in the month.

“Saturday looks pleasant for the wedding, with dry and bright conditions most likely.”

MeteoGroup forecaster Mario Cuellar said: “Air will probably start coming to the UK from France, with 24C shown on forecast models by May 21 in the South as temperatures increase.

“The weather for the royal wedding looks good for people enjoying time outdoors.”

Earlier, The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “The weather gods look like smiling on Harry and Meghan. The bride’s worries about getting her dress wet are receding.

“With 21C highs in Windsor, parts of the country could see a royal roast for the celebrations.”

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