Post Malone Gets Relatable Tattoo On His Face

A face tattoo normally sounds like a bad idea but Post Malone has got the most relatable one to date!

Post Malone is covered in tattoos, including his face… He has stepped up the face tattoo level with his most recent addition.


Underneath his eyes he has got ‘always tired’ tattooed and we can all relate. It isn't his first face tattoo but it is most definitely the most extreme! 



This looks painful... 



No surprise that people have taken to Twitter to express their feelings towards the new tats! @class_lexx tweeted ‘I love Post Malone as much as the next guy but whyyyy tattoo “always tired” on your face don’t your eye bags say it enough? Mine sure as hell do’! 


Everyone seems to find the humour behind it but we are all thinking the same that he is mad for getting it done! 


We will leave him to get the crazy tattoos... 

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