DJ Khaled ‘Travel Issues’ Stop Wireless Performance

DJ Khaled did not perform at Wireless Festival over the weekend as he was having ‘travel issues’… Note the quotation marks…

Over 6th to the 8th of July, Finsbury Park was filled with festival goers at Wireless Festival with performers such as Stormzy, Post Malone, J Cole and loads more! One person who was missed off the list was DJ Khaled, who contacted Wireless Group as he could not make it due to ‘travel issues’. Khaled posted photos online of him on vacation with his family and it all looked very suspicious.


Khaled was due to go to Wireless Festival in London on Sunday but hours after cancelling, he posted a photo of him and his son in the pool on holiday.



It didn’t seem like he had anything to hide, which made fans question whether ‘travel issues’ were even a thing! @MissAgneP tweeted Wireless with ‘Travel issues? MY MAN IS IN A SWIMMING POOL LIVING LIFE DID HE EVEN TRY’ and that sums up what everyone else had to say too…



Wireless festival only announced Khaled's absence on the day, which as you can imagine, the festival goers were not too pleased about!


Despite fans being disapointed about DJ Khaled, Wireless put on a great show! Drake rocked up to replace Khaled and it was exactly what everyone wanted!


It just goes to show that bad situations always turn out to be good in the end! 

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