The Apprentice’s first fired candidate

Sarah Byrne has slammed Jasmine Kundra before insisting Jackie Fast should have been sent home.

The 29-year-old was the first to have Lord Sugar's finger pointed at her after failing to impress in the first task, which saw the candidates fly to Malta.

During her time on the show, Sarah clashed with project managed Jasmine, and she believes the altercation sealed her fate in the boardroom.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Sarah said: "After the disagreement with me and Jasmine, I knew I was going back into the boardroom.

"I made it easy for her by having that disagreement I think.

"I should have had the confidence to put myself forward for sub-team leader, I think that would have kept me out of trouble and I could have overseen it rather than going in there like a bull in a china shop."

Sarah admitted she was "disappointed" to be first candidate to be fired, and said: "You don't want to come out of the process first.
"I actually put a lot of effort into the task... I got two items.

"Without me they would have failed even more yet I was the one to leave."

Asked who should have been fired instead of her, Sarah believed Jackie Fast should have been sent packing.

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